New lab member on boarding plan

Here is a list of todo’s for the Huang Lab new members

  • Join email distribution lists
    • Contact: Jill Doucette <>
  • Join the ATGU Slack
    • Contact: Jill Doucette <>
  • Join the Huang Lab Slack
    • Contact: Alice Zheng <>
    • Once added, most project channels are public and can be browsed and joined by yourself. Hailiang will add you to the private channels if needed (often these channels are locked due to the data sharing restrictions).
  • Join the Huang Lab UGER space
    • Contact: Sam Bryant <>
    • Details:
  • Join the Huang Lab Google Cloud
    • Contact: Sam Bryant <>
    • Request to be added to the Huang Lab general project with “Editor” access
    • If needed Hailiang will add you to other Google projects
  • For administrative help, email:
  • Note Re Google Drive and Dropbox
    • MGH employees have access to Dropbox enterprise (unlimited space). Use your MGH email address to access
    • Broad employees have access to Google Drive Business (unlimited space). Use your Broad email address to access